Simple CRM System - spreadsheet-like small business CRM

How it works:

We've been there. You're tight on cash but want to change the world. So, to help your early stage company ramp up your sales, we offer a better way to manage your sales, get organized, and never let a deal slip away.
And we offer you a big discount.

To quality for the startup plan, you must sign up for a new account and meet the following guidelines:
  • - Technology or internet company
  • - Less than 18 months old company
  • - Fewer than 10 employees
  • - Less than $1M in funding

If you quality, we will provide you with the startup plan which includes:
  • - A heavily discounted plan for 5 users
  • - Lots of support to help you grow

Getting started:
  • - Step 1: Sign up for a 2-week trial
  • - Step 2: Get more sales and be happy
  • - Step 3: Request the special discount and be happier