Simple CRM System - spreadsheet-like small business CRM

How it works:

We've been there. You're tight on cash but want to change the world. So, to help your early stage company ramp up your sales, we offer a better way to manage your sales, get organized, and never let a deal slip away.
And we offer you a big discount.

To quality for the startup plan, you must sign up for a new account and meet the following guidelines:
  • - Technology or internet company
  • - Less than 18 months old company
  • - Fewer than 10 employees
  • - Less than $1M in funding

If you quality, we will provide you with the startup plan which includes:
  • - A heavily discounted plan for 5 users
  • - Lots of support to help you grow

Getting started:
  • - Step 1: Sign up for a 2-week trial
  • - Step 2: Get more sales and be happy
  • - Step 3: Request the special discount and be happier

Frequently Asked Questions

The trial is free, but after that, yeah, you'll have to subscribe to one of our plans. Don't give us that look. :) We're committed to building an amazing product that provides real and tangible value to you every day. The value of the deals you close and the money you earn as a result of getting organized using our tool is going to be much more than the price we charge. Imaging enjoying your CRM every day. Unimaginable, ,huh? Also check out below on getting discounts.
We've really worked hard to make sure our pricing is affordable to any small business. Therefore, we've made it such that you can get the price down to as low as $5 per user by helping us. You help us - we help you. Invite your friends, and you can pay $100 per month for ALL of your friends (up to 20). That's much cheaper than our $29/month pricing! And we're happy to provide you with that great discount if you just help us grow faster. Don't have enough friends to share your license with? That's fine. Since the price is fixed at $100/month, you can also make a group of 10 people which will pay $10/month each. Still a great discount! Besides that, we're happy to offer discounts to nonprofits and NGOs. Talk to us!