The benefits of a cloud-based CRM

No installation, no registration

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When choosing a CRM, it's very important to choose a cloud-based CRM. And why is that? With old CRMs, you had to download the software to your computer. You then have to run an "installation" process. Then you start the software and start working.

In today's CRM world, there're 2 options:

  1. Continue using Excel - we all like that.
  2. Deploy a complicated CRM solution, spend time integrating it into your workflow, and then finding out that it does not fit your workflow.

We bring a third option - a truly 100% cloud-based CRM that you can start using immediately, without all the complications.

Simple CRM System is 100% cloud-based

Because Simple CRM System is cloud-based, it means that the software does not have to be downloaded to your computer. It runs on the cloud! What does that mean? You open your browser and go to our website. Your browser connects to our remote servers and receives orders from them. Then you just have to follow, and start using the CRM. It's already running, no installation is needed.

Login is one-click

Simple CRM System allows you to use your Google or Slack user and login using one click!

No lengthy installation is necessary. Just one click to login! Try it yourself.

Using Simple CRM System you can start entering your leads immediately and start closing deals.

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It's a spreadsheet experience - with the benefits of a real CRM!

We love it, we use it every day. Start using it now - it's Free!


The people at Simple CRM System

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