Export your spreadsheet CRM data to Excel

Introducing New Feature: "Export to Excel"

We've received numerous requests to allow our users to export their data into Excel.

We're happy to announce the new Export option.

To export your Report to Excel, simply click on "Export to Excel" instead of the "Make Report" button in the Reports Screen (under the main menu).

You will have a CSV file downloaded automatically into your computer.

Open in Excel

To open the CSV file in Excel, simple double-click on the file and open it. Excel will guide you on how to import it into the spreadsheet.

It's very easy.

Voila - that's it.

Do you need anything else? We'd love to hear from you.

If you have any more questions about our product, feel free to comment below, or talk to us! (info@simpleCRMsystem.com)

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Thanks for reading,

Simple CRM System Team

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