Simple CRM System vs OroCRM vs Dynamics CRM vs Sage CRM vs SAP vs ProsperWorks vs Nutshell vs ZohoCRM vs HubSpot CRM vs Bitrix24 vs SugarCRM vs Close.io vs Highrise vs 1CRM vs Capsule CRM vs Maximizer CRM vs SuiteCRM vs Streak

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Too many CRMs?

So the list is endless. We all know that. Why are there so many CRM systems? How does one even start reviewing the available options and choose the right one?

You hate CRMs

In such a flooded, explosive market, one would think that there're many great solutions and you just need to choose the one to better fit your needs. But NO - we know you hate CRMs. All of them. All of them suck.

You love Excel

We know you're using Excel to manage your customers. It's easy, straightforward and there's no learning curve. Many small businesses like Excel. But the problem is - Excel is not a CRM! So why do some many companies and individuals adapt to it as their CRM of choice? Because there's nothing truly simple enough to beat it. So what do you need?

You want to keep using Excel, but get the missing features

There you have it. This is what you really need - a simple tool, like Excel, to help you keep track of customers. However, you do need some features that you don't have in Excel, such as:

  • reminders
  • lead activity history
  • team collaboration
  • mobile support
  • reports
  • advanced search
  • send e-mails
  • make reports
  • track who changed which cell
  • sync all meetings and reminders into your calendar

You just don't need the envelope - the annoying CRM and its confusing interface.

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Simple CRM System has it all

Simple CRM System is a spreadsheet, just like the one you're used to. It allows you to keep working the same way you're used to. However, it includes support for all of the above requirements, that are solved in real CRM systems. So in effect, it provides the benefits - without the hassle. You just start working as you're used to, and gain the benefits of modern, advanced, complicated, annoying CRMs - just without the complexity.

It's not really a CRM - it just solves your problems!

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