Add Slack Button to Simple CRM System

Simple CRM System is an enterprise CRM dressed as a simple spreadsheet.

  •   Close more deals, dead simple interface
  •   Start working immediately
  •   Set reminders and appointments
  •   Collaborate with your team
  •   Search for customers and add customers using the slash commands

Track your dealflow using Simple CRM System. Get reminders into Slack.

Add to Slack
(select the Slackbot channel to receive all notifications privately)

The Simple CRM System Slack plug-in allows you to get reminders on your appointments and tasks in Simple CRM System directly into your Slack channel. You can also use the slash commands to search for a customer in the spreadsheet, and add a customer, directly from Slack. Use the super-simple spreadsheet to manage your sales calls just like you use Excel. Enjoy advanced CRM features without the complexity of common CRM systems.