Simple CRM System - spreadsheet-like CRM
Integrates with the tools you use.


"We've tried several CRM systems but our employees always went back to typing into Excel. With Simple CRM System we can finally get the data that we need, and our employees love it too!".

Jennifer M., Sales Manager

"I am a person that always forgets to follow up on people. This CRM has made me better in that and helped close a few more deals that I'd probably postpone forever otherwise."

Yonatan R., Senior Advisor

"I love how intuitive the interface is. It's so easy to find what I need! I like the way my tasks are arranged in chronological order.".

Arik M., Freelance Programmer

"I've tried several CRM systems and this was the only one where you could start working immediately".

David S., Freelance SEO and Web Designer

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